IFORS 2021 Virtual

The 22nd Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies

Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea August 23(Mon) ~ 27(Fri), 2021


Category Date & Time Theme Program
Cultural Tourism 8/25(Wed)
Dynamic Seoul Lotte World Tower → Seoul Battleship Park → Bongeunsa Temple
Old Seoul Insight Insa-dong → Bukchon Hanok Village
Korea Folk Village Tour Korea Folk Village
Technical Excursions 8/25(Wed)
Samsung Innovation Museum Tour Samsung Innovation Museum → Hwaseong Fortress [UNESCO World Heritage]
Samsung Executive Briefing Center Samsung Executive Briefing Center (Seoul) → Samsung Executive Briefing Center (Pangyo) → Samsung d’light (Seoul)
Future and Tradition SK Telecome T.um → Insa-dong
Paju Display Cluster
(LG Display)
LG Display (Paju) Co., Ltd → Heyri Art Valley → Paju Premium Outlet
Cultural Tourism (Dynamic Seoul)
Lotte World Tower
  • Lotte World Tower

  • Seoul Sky, the nation’s tallest and the world’s fifth tallest building, is located on floors 117-123 of Lotte World Tower. The observatory offers a panoramic view of the entire Seoul, both day and night. In addition to the outstanding view, you can enjoy puddings or coffee from the cafe while sitting in the lounge or on the sky terrace. The observation deck has two-story-high glass windows for an uninterrupted view. The Sky Deck, located at 478m, hold the Guinness World Record as the highest glass-floored observatory in the world.

Seoul Battelship Park
  • Seoul Battleship Park

  • Seoul Battleship Park is the first maritime theme park of Seoul City built with three retired warships, Chamsuri Patrol Vessel and a submarine, including the Seoul Ship retired from serving with the mission of defending the sea for the last 30 years. The three warships, which have preserved their original shapes, provide unique exhibitions and experiences and present extraordinary experiences to tourists visiting Hangang Park of Seoul.

Cultural Tourism (Old Seoul Insight)
  • Insa-dong

  • Insa-dong Street is one of the most notable attractions in Seoul and represents the focal point of Korean traditional culture and crafts. It is located in the heart of the city and is an important place where old but precious and traditional goods are on display. There are about 100 galleries in the area, and you can see every example of traditional Korean fine art from paintings to sculptures. The teahouses and restaurants are the perfect complements to the galleries. At first, they might be hard to find, but if you take the time to stroll around the twisting alleyways, the window shopping in itself can be very entertaining. The stores in Insa-dong specialize in a wide variety of goods that can only be purchased or appreciated in Korea: hanbok (traditional clothing), hanji (traditional paper), traditional teas, pottery, and folk crafts.

Bukchon Hanok Village
  • Bukchon Hanok Village

  • Surrounded by Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, and Jongmyo Shrine, Bukchon Hanok Village is home to hundreds of traditional houses (Hanok), which date back to the Joseon Dynasty. The name of this village, 'Bukchon' came about as the neighbourhood lies north of two significant Seoul landmarks, Cheonggyecheon Stream and Jongno. Today, many of these Hanoks operate as cultural centres, guesthouses, restaurants, and tea houses, providing visitors with an opportunity to experience, learn, and immerse themselves in traditional Korean culture.

Cultural Tourism (Korea Folk Village Tour)
Korea Folk Village
  • Korea Folk Village

  • Korean Folk Village introduces traditional culture from the late Joseon period to both local and international visitors through cultural classes experience, shaman faith, seasonal customs and others. Also, the village shows various places with unique features such as a farming village, private house, official districts, Confucian academy, Seodang (village school for kids), and a street in realistic descriptions, as well as, a nobleman’s house and traditional workshop. Performances including Nongak (farmer’s music), martial art on horseback, traditional wedding ceremony, and other special events are available by season.

Technical Excursions (Future and Tradition)
SK Telecom T.um
  • SK Telecom T.um

  • T.um is a venue to experience the future of mobile communications. The name T.um comes from the word for “sprout” in Korean and refers to this innovative space from SK Telecom, where the future sprouts with the company’s advanced technology. It takes you on the journey to that future. You are offered a chance to actively take part in and enjoy the cutting-edge IT environment with an interactive 4D experience. T.um breaks from corporate promotional hall standards by presenting a futuristic vision of the mobile communications industry that converges around IT technology. The venue pleasures virtually experiencing the ubiquitous world of the future.

Technical Excursions (Paju Display Cluster)
LG Display Co., Ltd
  • LG Display Co., Ltd

  • Paju in South Korea is famous as LG's "Display City". The display complex houses about 20,000 employees are waiting for visitors who want to explore fantastic technical excursions in Korea. You can see many of LG's display's products at the LG Displays showroom, where LG Display is focusing on next-generation display panels and get synergy and accelerate development from the results of researchers and developers from all over the country in LG Display.

Heyri Art Valley
  • Heyri Art Valley

  • Heyri Art Valley, a cultural town of Korean artists from the various field as writers, painters, actors, architects and musicians, was constructed to blend in with surrounding structures. Within this community, there are residences, workrooms, art galleries and museums. Artists make a living by opening exhibitions, trading or selling their artworks. The local construction regulations require all buildings to be no more than three stories tall. Just by glancing at these buildings, you will admire their artistry since architects constructed each building with its unique characteristics.

Paju Premium Outlet
  • Paju Premium Outlet

  • Paju Premium Outlets is one of the luxury premium outlets in Korea. The three-story magnificent building has around 150 shops and is known as having the most significant number of individual brand stores in Korea. Discounts at the outlets around 50% and include everything from clothing to jewellery and housewares, besides, most shops offered at a lower price than quoted in the duty-free shops. The outlet centre also provides shoppers with various restaurants and places to sit and take a rest.

Technical Excursions (Samsung Innovation Museum Tour)
Samsung Innovation Museum
  • Samsung Innovation Museum

  • Samsung Innovation Museum is an electronic industrial museum run by Samsung, a major global company based in Korea. The museum mainly consists of three sections. Visitors can learn about the history of Korea's electronic industry, as well as the past, present and future of the semiconductor, display and mobile industries, where Samsung made great achievements. The museum also runs an education facility called Children's Display Research Institute.

Hwaseong Fortress (UNESCO World Heritage)
  • Hwaseong Fortress (UNESCO World Heritage)

  • Hwaseong Fortress, the one of UNESCO World Heritage in Korea, is an impressive structure of the Joseon Dynasty. The fortress wall stretches for a total of 5.52km and has a great variety of military facilities that are hard to find anywhere else. It is believed to have been constructed scientifically. The fortress wall was built with Seokjae and Jeondol (bricks), and the holes between the blocks are just big enough to project gun fires, arrow shots, and long spear stabs through against an invasion. A variety of performances and events are scheduled at the fortress every day.

Technical Excursions (Samsung Executive Briefing Center)
Samsung Executive Briefing Center (Seoul)
  • Samsung Executive Briefing Center (Seoul)

  • Samsung Executive Briefing Center is an exhibition hall you can experience IT cases applied at business sites from manufacturing to sales of Samsung SDS. It has four areas: Retail, Manufacturing, Enterprise, and Cloud Innovation. It is a space where you can experience the Cloud Service Operations Solutions with the applied latest technologies such as data marketing solutions, smart factory solutions, blockchain, and AI in each area.

Samsung Executive Briefing Center (Pangyo)
  • Samsung Executive Briefing Center (Pangyo)

  • Samsung SDS Executive Briefing Center in Pangyo is a space you can experience business innovation based on Smart Logistics platform. You will get customized explanations and have the opportunity to have new experiences in the digital exhibition space. Not only Cello, an integrated platform for global logistics operation of Samsung SDS, but also the Global Control Center (GCC), a logistics control center that monitors global logistics status 24 hours for 365 days, is waiting for visitors.

Samsung Executive Briefing Center (Pangyo)
  • Samsung Executive Briefing Center (Pangyo)

  • Located within the Samsung Electronics building in Seocho-dong, Seoul, ‘Samsung D’light’ is a global exhibition space that showcases the latest product lineup by Samsung Electronics. The name d’light combines the words ‘digital’ and ‘light’ to correlate with the company’s vision of being ‘a guiding light to the digital world’ and sharing the excitement and delight of digital technology through interaction with visitors.